Sunday, October 28, 2007

One of my favourite rappers is Talib Kweli. He made a whole league of rappers wake up and think deeper about the current state of hip hop.The current state of hip hop, especially the mainstream hip hop is on commercial plateau. Which is not bad, but the artistic quality is decreasing. The mainstream rap music is filled with paradigms.

This is about to change. Talib Kweli is bringing back originality and creativity. He stimulates the new rap artists to drop raps with positive content. If you are also a rap artist or a singer you can submit your video clip to Blacksmithtv.com The best videos will be shown on the site.

I think the new Talib Kweli album is great. The production is mad tight. The lyrics are dope. This album 'Ear Drum' is a jewel. You can easily label this as a classic. Krs-One does a guest appearence on the album. Talib Kweli is now a label owner, his label is called Blacksmith Records. Check out the man and his advanced plans on TalibKweli.com


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