Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yesterday 27Th of October, I stayed up till 02:00 watching this programme on Dutch television. This programme was about the hip hop culture in Holland. There were old school artists, new school artists, now school artists and next school artists invited into the studio. There were discussions about how hip hop music has effected the youth in Holland. The development of hip hop music in Holland has also been discussed. The pioneer, who started rapping in Dutch, who is called Def. P said that it is a learning process when you first start out with rapping. You grow with your fans.

In the studio were mostly rappers who rap in Dutch language. This domestic hip hop scene has grown and since Def. P started rapping in Dutch, kids saw that it is really fresh and there were some heads who want to hear this. So a market was created for Dutch hip hop. Lots of rappers changed from rapping in English into rapping in Dutch.

There were discussions going on in the studio about the influences from USA. Most rappers said that they were influenced by groups like Public Enemy and rappers like Ice Cube, Ice-T and Tupac. Brainpower was also in the studio, maybe you all know him, he did a track with Queensbridge, New York rapper called Nas. The song was called 'One Mic'.

There were also a rapper called Deams in the studio. He is a veteran, one of the first Dutch rappers, who gained international success. One of the prominent hip hop labels in Holland is Topnotch. There are some dope artists signed on this label. Hip hop in Holland is growing it is great to see some cats made it. I really can not forgive those non believers who said that hip hop music in Holland has no future. You all know what you all can get. Without a doubt the finger.


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