Friday, October 5, 2007

For all the Jay-Z fans I got great news. Jay-Z is coming out with a new album, which is inspired by the movie called 'American Gangster'. The title of this new Jay-Z album is going to be the same title as the movie. Denzel Washington is starring in this movie. The movie is about the Manhattan kingpin. He is a heroin smuggler. In the '70 he smuggled heroin in coffins of dead soldiers, who are returning from Vietnam.

Jay-Z dropped great albums, which can be labeled as classics. My favourite Jay-Z song got to be ' dirt off your shoulder'. Jay-Z always gets the best beats made by the nicest producers in the game. He is a great entrepreneur. I see him as Donald Trump of the hip hop game. Rappers like Jay-Z is also giving back to the community.

The album will be released on 6 November. Rolling Stone reveals the song titles of the new Jay-Z album.

1. “Amen”
2. “Blue Magic”
3. “Untitled”
4. “Alright, Alright”
5. “You Don’t Know”
6. “And the Winner Is”
7. “American Gangster”
8. “Welcome”
9. “Ignorant Shit”
10. “The Demise”
11. “I Get Money” (Remix)


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