Saturday, October 20, 2007

Since 'Enter the 36 chambers' I was real curious for the solo work of this slang lord called Tony Starks. This man has a extra large vocabulary. He is dropping lyrics like a waterfall. This Wu-Tang member is no joke. Ghost's real name is Dennis Coles. In 1996 he dropped his debut album called 'Ironman'. This album contained some real phat songs. For example 'Daytona 500' is one of my favourites.

Before that he worked with his close counterpart called Reakwon also a Wu-Tang member. They dropped in 1995 Reakwon's debut album which was called 'Only build 4 cuban linxs' Ghost and Reakwon were really successful with their albums.

Around 2000 Ghost face killah dropped a album called 'Supreme Clientele' This album contains some classic hip hop hits such as 'childs play'. Once again Tony was back with another Wu Banger. A year after he came with a new album Called 'Bulletproof Wallets' songs such as 'Maxine' was real dope. He proved that he is still one of the best with the art of story telling. In 2004 GFK dropped his Def Jam album which was called 'The Pretty Toney album'. Ghost Face Killah also released a album called '718'. In 2006 Ghost dropped a album which was 'Fishscale'. That is not the end of the word waterfall of the rap game. Ghost Face Killah is coming with a new album which will be released on 4Th of December this year. The album title is 'Big Dough Rehab'


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