Friday, October 26, 2007

I am a big fan of Nas. Nas constantly drops classics. Every album nas dropped since Illmatic is a classic , Illmatic is my favourite. What I love the most about the Nas' album is the tight production and Nas just knows how to flow on those beats. With this album Nas gave birth to a whole new era.

There were a league of rappers influenced by his style of rhyming and his flow. Nas is one of the great story tellers there is. He knows how to get the point across and he paints a clear picture about the streets for everyone to understand.

The song called 'New York State of mind' is a song so graphical.
I really enjoy listening to this track. The baseline is banging. I think it is hard for young rappers to come up with such originality as the undisputed rapper from Queens, New York.


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