Friday, October 5, 2007

The word on the streets is that Jim Jones signed a multi-million dollar deal with Sony Records. Radio personality Miss Info claimed that Jim Jones said "I just signed a multi million deal with Sony" that is what she wrote on her blog. We know Jim Jones as one of the members of Dipset crew. He is known for his rough street verses. Jim Jones claims that Rick Ruben and Kyombo "hiphop" Joshua are doing a album with him.

This is going to be banging I just checked out the track 'emotionless' that is really nice. Since he started working with Cam'ron his career has been going up like a rocket. I think he is going to shock the globe with thunderous raps, the media is going to be on him like sirup on pancakes. I can not wait till Jim Jones' new album drops.

No doubt he is going to put it down with Julez Santana and the whole Dipset click. When you got a deal with Sony Records, than you know you made it in the game of rap.
I wonder what Jay-Z is going to think about the fact that Jim Jones signed with Sony Records.


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