Friday, October 26, 2007

Back in the days, when I first heard Missy Elliot on Timbaland beats. I was impressed. They came with a whole new vibe for the clubs. In those days Timbaland was making hip hop music. He has worked with some great artists such as Aliyah, Genuwine, Magoo and much more.

Songs such as Indian Flute was great. Very melodic song. I think last couple of years, Timbaland is not working with hip hop or R&B artists. This makes him a lost soul. He is off track. He gets much commercial success.

His beef with Scott Scorch is settled with a dis song called 'Piano Man'. I am not impressed with this kind of marketing methods. Scott Scorch reacted with a song,but I think Scott Scorch is a terrible rapper. He is on top, because of his productions. Anyway Timbaland got to get back to the lab and make some hip hop beats.


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