Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It is been a while ago that I wrote this blog. I moved to another spot I had to wait till I get the Internet connection. After more than a month I am glad that the Internet is here.
Today I would like to review one of the grimiest rappers that has been passed away. I am talking about the rapper Big L from Harlem. His album big picture contains more melodic beats than the previous one. Lyric wise is the song Ebonics one of nicest songs.

That is because the New York slang is broken down in a song. Anybody who ain't from New York can learn the slang. This is kind of like a street dictionary. I think this is quite original to come up with this kind of idea to let the world know how New Yorker talk.

There are guest features of Kool G Rap, Fat Joe, Big Daddy Kane, Tupac Shakur and some few other artist. The song fall back is dope because Kool G Rap is appearing on it. I think this album contains dope vocals. As a former member of DITC crew Big L gained major attention from the underground audience.

The song Heist is a song about robbing and this is great story about how the underworld works. I think this is amusing. He can tell a vivid story in a realistic manner. The album was released on Rawkus Records in 2000. I got to say the album doesn't contain typical Harlem sound, this is because Big L is not the typical mainstream artist.


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