Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The mad rhymer, the fine rhyme designer,
the major master mind, grind all the time,
peeps wanna measure with a kid, who rip mics,
and spit nice, flow is priceless, and timeless,
technique is out set trend and invent, the
essence of hip hop for those with interest,
the next style I got it, out to get props,
the topnotch lyricist, you not hearing this,

the visions remain chrystal clear,
I maintain and drop the plain English,
You thought I would sing hits, I bring
the flavour, taste the ingridients,
I ain't crazy or lazy, cool calm kid,
come with the lyrical bomb spit,
still I can spit on a hyper tone,
the grown man with grown plans,

The Asiatic child, Pal check the style,
quite lowkey, you do not know me,
the real deal in rap, tracks for you,
I rep the truth, kept a tool,
which is the pen and the pad,
bragging and boasting the tight raps,
I relax and max, bust dope lines on wax,


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