Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Since the internet arrived and has grown to a major revolutionary info highway. The things have got easier for artist to get attention from the records labels. The early hip hop artist have not got this chance as the new generation rappers and producers.
In the early days you got to shop a demo and press dozens of copies to get attention from the record label.

Nowadays you can record a high quality demo tape at home and upload it in a digital format to the site of the record label. You can get attention from talent scout to give you that Jay-Z type of record deal, because you stand out from the other artists. There are enough sites where you can upload you music too. If you are an upcoming artist and you are looking for a record deal check this site out. Click here to go to the site.

The modern day tech stuff has taken over the globe. So the hard working artist have to focus on putting they effort to deliver good music and the technology have made things easier.


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