Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am blazing this track up, better back you wack rappers,
I maintain to be timeless, I am just one of the livest,
those who deny this, even can not compete with a kid,
there ain't no surviving, I am out to get props,
the topnotch lyricist, the realest since Rakim,
the grimy rapper, never can be wack or a slouch,
no doubt, I am going to drop this clout,
what this rap kid is about, Out to make hits,
who rips the countless mics like a clepto?

Give me a soul clap bro, I got a aim of a pro,
abel to entertain and reign from my thrown in Asia,
more wicked than a savage for those who lack, I come back,
to attack like a wolf pack, true that, the rugged soul,
more focused than a camera lens, Í blend ,
I strike with immense intense sentence,
the iron lion breaks easily outta of the den,
my friend, I intend to achieve more than cruising in a jeep,
I keep on rhyming and grind to give sight to the blind,

To fine dine with my click, Capture the moment like a Canon,
I am planning to flow and get mad props, if not the money though,
they kind of funny bro, those wack rappers settle for a quick buck,
not seeing why they stuck, I leave a brother star struck,
I am focused to bust a dope rhyme, I have no time to play,
The laid back rapper with the proper mindset,
I bet I wouldn't break a sweat, to wreck the mic with a hype text.


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