Friday, February 29, 2008

I am a big fan of the tv show called Kung-Fu which was shot in the early '70. In the '80 as a young kid. I was watching this show with my cousins on every Friday night. Although I am big fan of this show I wasn't able to buy all the episodes on dvd.

I was looking for Kung-Fu collection on dvd. I came across the whole Kung-Fu collection on the net for 80 USD. I was happy like a child and this show brings me so much childhood memories. One of my favourite scenes is that one of the actors can change his face with one wave of his hand. He changes from human being to a pig. This is the most memorable scene I have of this tv show called Kung-Fu. I am also a fan of Star Wars. I am not much into the old episodes, so I ordered the Starwars trilogy. I have been looking for some hip hop cd's. I have bought the new Jay-Z album. This album is great. I think the beats and rhymes are dope. I am constantly looking for stuff online to buy. I found this site where you can buy the latest iPod offerings with discounts for Apple Store, BestBuy.com, MacMall.com, Buy.com and CircuitCity.com.

I think shopping online can save you a great deal of money.


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