Saturday, February 9, 2008

The slick thick rhyme talker, you jokers watch,
how I uplift these kids like a glass of scotch,
leave the mic alone hops, I perform hot and rock spot
blast harder than shots from glocks,
I doubt your route your yada yada has no content you clown,
the iller verbal individual, lyrical and spiritual,
I got clout to spit, I ensure to serve the words you never done heard,

I have no time for that shit your spit,
time is money, I have not got lot of it,
so I got to come with the proper hits,
the work I put in ain't that hard kid,
just nod and play your part let me show the art,
I have been dropping the pure lyrics from the start.
I am a hard head nuff said, I will do this till my fam can break bread.

Cross waters and borders and indeed peep the evil eyes upon us,
working to become the owners and bosses,
my clan wilder than mob of Gambinos,
eyes on the c-notes, check the rhyme I wrote,
tight and dope, the hyper flow, I am nice bro,
wise your mental like a aristocrat,
You know where I am at, right here!!!


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