Friday, February 8, 2008

I can not understand how these cats fake moves,
they do not have a clue how easy it is too fool them,
with moves that is thoro, I got to let you all know,
I got to flow and let the mic glow, if you do not,
believe me you must be believing the hype bro,
I might blow with this type of brag and boast,
host the party make everybody move their body.

I am about beats and rhymes, leave these whack rappers behind,
cause they dumb deaf and blind, lead the fleet of supreme mcees,
call me the black Jesus, my thought are peaceful,
yes I come with the tight rhymes, do not bite mine,
read between the line on the streets the nines are going off,
forget that I am bringing the real hip hop back,
this is far from a act, your wack pack of wolfs can not compete,
with a king of the jungle, I come through your city, I never mumble,

I deal with real life while you just a sloppy Hollywood act,
I am about to stack these rhymes on the beats, Yes indeed,
please ease back with your weak crap, I am sick so I spit,but quite legit,
just not the average crook kid, the street smart rap artist,
the hardest just nod while I am dropping this,
the hunger moves me to get this loot,
the truth shall be heard, I give these punk rappers the boot,


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