Thursday, February 21, 2008

Music business can be a heck of a dillema. For those who are in the music business is the main keyword creating. With another words it can be (songwriting/producing). One half of the brain must function in harmony to find your self in the perfect state to get your creative juices flowing. The other half of the brain can more than what a musician can handle. To make the music become a part of your life is to make it 'Dope' with the less creative side of your brain.

The music business is real fascinating. Since the true value is in the eardrums of the listner, the music business can not give orders to the artist to invest the creative engergy. It is sad but true, it is a fact that music business is interested in dollars than the creative efforts of you as an artist. It is pretty obvious that a songwriter must write songs to satisfy the market. So the songwriters have to write songs what people want to hear. For a songwriter it is plesant to write the songs when ever the inspiration strikes you. You even can find more plesure from writing on a certain time of the day. The outcome of this type of writing is that it will bring you towards the goals you set. Eventually you will move closer to the music industry.

Let's say you are a Kung-fu fighter. When you just start out you will learn the basic techniques and as you grow you want to learn more complicated fighting styles. It is the same with songwriting. If every line of the song comes out your pen easily, then there will be no challenge for you in writing new songs.
The main key is to just write your rhyme without being stuck. So make a time table and plan your songwriting activity on a certain time and do this 2 or 3 times a week. This will bring your ideas for your song. You can write down interesting lines. Then you have something to start with.


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