Friday, February 29, 2008

I brag for fun, flow is like liquid,
but I wouldn't sip it, I am more on some slick stuff,
which is my natual high, take you higher than la,
I continue to reign, you lames can not mess with a kid,
I drop the best of the hits, don't test no matter who ever you with,
I rip crazy mics, call me psychotic clepto,
doper then narcotics, the death is appraoching like when a bomb ticks,
the calm kid to more wild styles than a poetic savage,
the flow be tighter than a skin on a teen,
I am bragging and bagging readers like a dealer bagging fiends,
my pen set the scene,

I kick the raw raps you can relate to,
my pen ink thoughts, I spit it while the plate rotate, dude
I do not talk trash, and trash rappers can't walk my path,
it is blood stained, I got aim and that is to shine through,
the rainy clouds, got clouts to drop, peeps crowd me,
they know I am real and I glow or should I say I am flaming,
with anothers I am hot, you are not, that why you plot,
bragging about what the little dough you got,
my props comes first, the blood of the lamb,
the son of man strike your ignorant mind,
to wise you, now that the scripts are fliped,
and tables will turn for me to earn,


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