Friday, February 22, 2008

When exactly did our ancestors decided to develop the art called music. The answer to that question is not known, but music has been around since a long time ago. The musical instruments are one of the first artifacts made by human beings, these musical instruments are made way before the agricultural instruments. The oldest music instrument was created 50000 years ago in Slovenia.

The percussion instruments were created way before that. Music instruments were found in ancient hunter-gatherer societies. Music making is found in every area in the archaeological history throughout every culture. The oldest song is written on the wall of a pyramid in 4,300 years ago. It is possible to find out that it is a song text, because there are images of musicians playing a music instrument beside of this text. This song says "I love and admire your beauty, I am under it". The world oldest music is a hymn put together by the Hurrian People dedicated to the moon goddess Nikkal about 3,400 year before now. The notions were found written on the tablet in Syria. There have been more than 7 attempts to reconstruct the song, it is written in a sophisticated form and the notes are creating a harmony.

The young children are developing a certain taste for music since they are exposed to the music of their culture. I actually never liked no pop music, although there was music channels which airs the pop and rock songs. I got my first tape from a classmate of mine. It was a Ice-T tape. Since then I started to prefer rap music over all the other music streams. Music came along way. Nowadays you do not have read notes or play instruments to call your self a musician. With the technology it is a matter of learning how to work with a MPC Akai or a PC. I think when it comes to hip hop music nothing can beat the Akai MPC. This is the ultimate machine to put together the dopest beats.


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