Monday, February 11, 2008

I am watching more movies the last couple of weeks. For a year I have did nothing but blogging. I have now more time to watch tv. I am a movie fan but I download no movies. I have bought some movies last Friday.

To be exactly the 5 movies for 5 Euros. This movies are very mediocre. For that price I can not accept more. I have watch four of them now. The first movie I watched was The Deal with Christian Slater. I can not believe that Hollywood is putting out this kind of junk. The title might sound like a it is a Gangsta movie, but it is about the corporate bullshit. Another movie I bought was the movie The Robbery. This was also a dissaster, Wesly Snipes playes the role of a crack head father who beats up his son. The script is so poor. It does not offer any value to the viewer. I think this is the last time I buy these cheap movies. I expect more from the movie called Eden, because this is actually about the beginning of the country Israel.

I am going to watch this movie tonight. I hope to learn somthing form this movie.
I am interested about the country Israel so I hope to be edutained.


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