Thursday, February 14, 2008

If you watch MTV's Run's House than you all know who Vannessa Simmons is. He is one hell of a talented young lady with good looks. She shines in Rev Runs show on MTV. She is living a lifesyle of the rich and famous. I think she has little bit of luck that her father is a major hip hop pioneer, but with her charms and looks she is able to build a career of her own.

She is not only an actress, but also a model and entrepreneur. He has broke into the world of fashion as a model. She has started a fashion brand called Pastry. She is acting in a soap opera, but soon will be getting on stage as a rapper as Lil' Tease in the Actor's rapper. She looked up for famous female rappers and found inspiration to create a rapping character for the show.

She got advice for her father about playing the role as a rapper. She says she is comfortable with playing a role as a rappers, because she is a whole different character in the reality soap of Rev Run. She has gained enough experience acting in the soap opera. This prepared her for for the role of lil' Tease.


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