Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I refuse to talk trash, I walk the path,
which is a blood bath, I write down the thoughts,
you never thought of, I am quite dope,
tight rhymes I drop, and pop off the dome top,
the lyrics are hot, no gimmicks to get my props,
my poems are nice, on me you got your eyes on,
I roll like dice, realize you can not mess around,
with this wise guy, I am mad fly.

There are nuff rhymes for me to drop,
there ain't not enough beats for me to rock,
In the past I have been street struck,
what ever you want I got it, I kid you not kid,
I rock the hot beats form here to San Pedro,
I never play though, I lay low, hey yo!!
hear me, I tear off the roof, I give you the truth,

I maintain to entertain and reign with tactics,
more magic than the rabit and hat tricks,
I am at this to bring the ruckus, please step back you crab kids,
you lack and bringing the wack hits,
I am back with lines on the beats,
peace!!! I take you higher than trees,


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