Thursday, February 7, 2008

Eminem is also known as Slim Shady he is one of the most famous rappers of nowadays. This Detroit rapper has build up his name from the underground and became an rap icon. Dr. Dre has heard of him on a mixtape and gave him a record deal on the Aftermath records. He is not only a successful rapper, but he is also an actor. He is a multi grammy winning recording artist.

He has sold more than 70 million records worldwide. His lyrics are known for its conterversy and antiestablishment. He has won 4 grammy awards for the album of the year. Eminem released his first album called Infinite. He says that he was quite influenced by rappers like Nas and AZ and he was developing a rhyme style of his own.
Later on he dropped the album Slim Shady LP. This was more mature and had more style of it is own. This album was triple platinum. Eminem and Dr.Dre are friends and label mates and have dropped great songs. The second album of Eminem is Marshall Mathers LP. This album has sold more than 2 million copies. Eminem's third album Eminem show was released in 2002. The fourth album was called Encore. There after he dropped a double cd called 'Curtain Falls'. In 2006 Eminem dropped a compilation called Eminem Presents the Re-Up.

Eminem was acting in the movie 8-mile as an underground rapper who is trying to make it in the hip hop world. I think this is a good movie about the lifestyle of the upcoming rappers and those with dreams who want to make it in the hip hop business.


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