Friday, February 22, 2008

50 Cent's willingness to take over the rap game led him to mega success, such as starting his own record label and a his own clothing line. 50 Cent appears in movies and his voice is used in major video games. We can not forget to mention that he owns 10% of the vitamin water. It was bought by the soda drink giant Coca-cola for 4.1 billion dollars. Is this man called 50 Cent get paid or what?

To describe this rap kid in few words would be 'true survivor'. 50 Cent grew up in the cold streets of Jamaica, Queens. He started to sell drugs from age of twelve to make money. 50 Cent was raised by his grand mother after his mother was killed. 50 Cent got shot nine times. It was front of his home in May of 2000. Because of his survival this man made name as a mythical figure in the game of rap. He continue to build his empire and keeps on making hits for the rap fans.

In 2003 50 Cent released his debut album which was sold 870,000 within 4 days. The success came so fast for this rapper, in a instant he was known all over the world. His own label was launched the same year. He has worked with several artists on this album, released his second album "The massacre". It featured songs like 'Candyshop' and 'just a little bit'. 50 Cent sold 5 million copies. He got nominated for a Grammy award. The award went to Kanye West. Both rappers released their albums on 11 th of September. However the media called it a rivalry, it was more like a friendly competition.

To promote his self titled third album he has been touring. It is another 50 cent banger it shows a whole different side of 50 cent. It is appealing to the clubs. This album was well received by the fans and the fans were obviously curious what was on this rapper's mind. 50 Cent announce that this year is going to be a huge year after launching his film company. With a record deal, movie production company and other businesses in his possession, he continues to be one of the most successful rapper of this moment.


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