Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I just checked out the Big Pun track 'Beware'. This track is flaming. The beat of this track is unique, it remind me of a watching a horror flick when I was 7 and getting the creeps and makes me some how mad nervous. This track is banging, why this is the base line and the sample of Prodigy. Which is "I gave you a fare warning beware". This sample adds mad flavor to this track.

The there is rare tone, or I'd rather say sample, that is a guitar loop from a synthesizer, I think. The baseline is heavy and this track is a classic. if you are into hip hop music from the nineties, this album inevitable. The whole "Capital Punishment" is a great album with original rhymes and the flow is mean. Like I said in a previous post. My Favorites are the debut albums of the east coast gangsta rap from the nineties. If you want to check out the song of Big Pun "Beware". Click here to check out the video on

How this song end is dope, which is "you are facing a whole Army". I can remember 1998 was heck of a year for me. There were lots of dope rappers coming out. I even couldn't afford to cop those rappers.


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