Friday, May 23, 2008

Wanna rhyme check this out, the slang slinger,
the dope poems ring bells like a postman, of course fam,
you peeps are off course man, I never slung a gram,
I ain't down with the rat race, I flow raps at a pace,
my vocals tight, frighten hero's, with a sight of a hawk,
I walk a talk on path, talk slang and ready to drop rapid raps,
on beats, put my songs on wax, my tracks rotate and shine like a gold plate,

off the dome or pre writing, my style lit up the space,
like the moon, I come like a goon strapped with vocals like a harpoon,
soulful like soul food, flavor major like fine dining,
give direction to rappers to take action, freeze the moment like a fraction,
of the momentum, so hold my raps in your mind like a thought,
I sum up the brag and boast *ish, most kids do not know what dope is,
so wrote this to show, glow with tactics and center your mental,

not that sentimental, tough like Teflon, not that warm,
my poems can heat my enemies, short the stuff they snorting,
ain't no bluff, I am doper than that crap, step back child,
I never act wild, I wrote your script, the gifted kid, who kicks,
grimy wisdom and uplift like a holy scroll, in motion like flick,
I rhyme slick.


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