Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back in the days I was kind of not materialistic. I thought I had enough, while I had nothing but a dream. I thought that money couldn't make me happy. I thought I was under the spell of those whack rappers, who were broke and were jealous of rappers who are getting money steady.

Rappers like money, I like money, Do you like money? should I say do you like rappers who are getting money?. I think rap music blew up in the early nineties with rapper going major and becoming more commercial. This is great for all the new comers who were trying to get money and fame. The most original ones were still making it big, because they were separating their self from the herd that were following. I think after the rappers from the west coast were getting large making songs to hit the charts, the rap music changed drastically. I can not claim that gangsta rap started in the west. There were rappers like Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane that were also trend setting. Their music can be labeled as gangsta rap music. What gangsta rap can be categorized is that the lust for money. I think it is not a bad thing getting money with rapping. Most gangsta rappers rap about how they were getting money before they had a record deal. The worst thing about the gangsta rap music is that there are listeners who are taking these stories for granted and trying to follow these rappers as a role models. I think if you like money then I would try to become a rapper rather then becoming a stick up kid or drug dealer. Because rappers like money they started to rap. If you like money then I would become a rapper and rhyme about the streets as a person who reflect the street scene through the rhymes. If you never lived the streets you can not rhyme vivid about it like the kids who truly lived it.

If you want to become a rapper you do not have to become a rapper who rhyme about the streets. There are so much genres you can label your raps into. You can become who just brag and boast, or a Christian rapper, what ever you like. No matter what kind of rapper your are make sure you are dope rapper then you can shine and make money.


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