Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yo!!!! I cook up mad flavors, the essence is blessed,
I need less words to make you taste, erase your face,
off the scene, I mean I need less words to paint a vivid picture,
that will rip ya weak scripture, and flip ya like a burger,
while I glean like a crown, watch you clowns trying fit,
and spit the words of a originator, I please eardrums,
for real, the deal, lead with vocals got the globe spinning like a wheel,
my third eye open, scoping my meal, heal a sick mind with slick rhymes,
spit lines, known to grind for my mines.

Yo!!!! I flow with tactics, the ill strategist,
the illustrious, magnificent, the bragadist,
serving rappers with clout, they do know what,
I am about, the raw vocalist, never heard non,
dope as this, supreme lyricist the king,
the crown holder, ruler, the Asiatic mathematics,
I sling, bring the linguistics into a vivid motion,
I am like magic, known to play with marbles,
got game and a steady aim, the icy flame,
burn so cold, I am such a quantum lyricist,
travel back and forth, seen the past,
never talk trash, stash is what a kid is after,
I am so sweet like candy, float on tracks like navy,
the pragmatic at this craft, this way I get paid see.


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