Sunday, May 11, 2008

Awhile ago I wrote that Swissbeats were one of the weakest producers in the game of rap music. I got to say that is not totally true, because I was checking out the track Blackout on DMX album.

This track is flaming. This beat is the dopiest on the whole album. If you hitting the highway on a Saturday night on your way to the club or anywhere. This song will get you in the right mood to party all night. I think this track represents the ultra modern type of hip hop music. This is not that synthetic type of hip hop more like the blend of true essence of the raw types of hip hop what I to heard from RZA on the 'Only build for Cuban links' or the beat on the Nas' first album the song called
'Represent'. I think this song 'Represent' sounds the best on the cold winter day when you take a walk through the countryside.

There are lots of beats what I like. That is too much to mention. I think the beat of the song called 'Time is up' is great. The baseline is dope. I do not know, O.C sounds like a dietitian how he start this song. Anyway it is a song with a dope beat and lyrics.


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