Friday, May 23, 2008

Youtube is the greatest, why? any new video out you can find it on it. From the newest hip hop video to '70 kung fu flick. It is great I love it. I was checking out a old Kung fu movie called 5 deadly venom's. This was a great movie. The fighting scenes are real tight.

I was also checking out the the video of Jay-Z "off your shoulder". This is a dope song with hell of a beat. This remind me of a trumpet sound. Although I think it is not a sample of a live trumpet. The beat is dope. I never heard it in a club or what ever. I played it im my DVD player, but I think the nicest would be pumping it im my car or home stereo system. I think the beats of all the Jay-Z albums are quite new type of sounds. I would even label it as new school hip hop. It is very different from the traditional beats from DJ Premier or from Dr.Dre. I think the beat of the song 'Big Pimpin' has a Asiatic influence into it. I red that this video cost more than million Dollars. Man that is quite a budget, there are not many artist nowadays or in the past who could afford this type of a budget to shoot a video. This video is shot on a yacht and that is impressive and fits into the title of the song. I saw this song on Not only for hip hop videos is Youtube the greatest.

Also when it comes to finding info about salt water sharks or Star Wars trailers this is the place to be. Check for all the videos.


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