Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I know this album is out for few years now. I have listened to it quite some times. I think there are some dope beats on it and some less dope ones. Anyway this album gives me a wall street corporate type of vibe than raw street stuff. The first song "A Dream" make me think of the A Tribe Called Quest song. I can not remember the title.

The song the "The Watcher 2" is a great song, I think that is because of the guest appearance of the legendary rap artist Rakim. I think it is great that this hip hop icon is willing to work with the new rap artists like Jay-Z. This album has a lots of guest appearances of commercial artists. The song Guns and Roses with Lenny Kravitz is rather a weird song. I do not think that rock artists fit in with these Gangsta rappers like Jay-Z. I think Lenny Kravitz has made great songs. He is a known name in the pop industry. I think he got nothing to do with the hip hop culture.

All the other artists who are featured on the album is either R&B artists or rappers.
This two disc album is has a great titles. The one is called "The Curse" and the other is called "The Gift". That is what the rap music is nowadays is about. The song "some people hate" has a great hook. This hook is Mad soulful I can enjoy this type of vibe.


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