Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yo!!!! the biggest hip hop fan, sling vocals like grams,
others can scram,cause they are filth like cow meat,
for real the deal, I make the globe go around like the sun and the moon,
I assume, you'll turn into fume like a cigarette after the lunch in the afternoon,
I am flyer than Alladin, or a witch on a broom, I animate you moves like a cartoon,
I am a goon, check the assassin in action like Genghis Khan,
while you are with your feet up maxing, I am busting down facts,
on wax to make more tracks, you just after me like a tail behind a rat,

Who is the one hard like a rock? Who do not give F**k?
My lines make you star struck like angel dust,
why you wanna touch my hair is plain to see!!!
Is it because I am your wife's favorite MC?
or is it because your sister wanna give her vertical lips to me?
anyway, your money ain't worth *ish to me? you poof, parrot ass MC.
Pauly better be off with a craker, you can't touch my breed,
you ain't even in my league, 5 foot MC, stand taller than, B-ball player on a Benzy,
I am humble like a servant, I know how to serve it, you all do not deserve it.


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