Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I can remember that Afrika Bambatta once said that God was rapping when he gave the ten commandments to Mozes. This statement remains in my mind for ever. I think letters to form words and words to form sentences and sentences to form a whole story is one of the great inventions for the mankind. This way the people can communicate with one and other.

In the hip hop culture there are 4 elements that forms the hip hop culture. First element is Break dancing, DJing, Rapping, graffiti. I think break dancing is one of the great ways to amuse people with the skills you own. Along with Djing, rapping, breaking and graffiti the hip hop culture is gone global since it is beginning. I can remember that I was in the eighties trying to learn break dancing. It was not quite simple. I also tried to master the art of Djing. Which seems to be quite complicated and which actually is. I can not imagine that anyone who try to master the skills of Djing who can do this within a week or month. Scratching is simple, but beat juggling is complicated. I also wrote graffiti, I think this is not that tough as DJing. I did not spend much time spraying graffiti on the walls, but I wrote it on the paper.

I have more fun with rapping, back in the days it was the only element of hip hop I spend my whole time to master. I think this is the most effective element of the hip hop culture. Why I think this is you can get your thoughts in form of a poem on the rhythm through to people who is enjoying this. I think the impact on the listeners can be huge, it is simple to influence the listeners with their opinion. Either the impact of the rappers' opinion can be positive or negative. I know that rappers like Chuck D was saying in a song to 'put the Buddah down'. This can be a statement to get rid of bad habits for those who is on that stuff. The hip hop culture is nowadays filled with the stereotypes who claim to be the next narc shipper or the next Frank Lucas. I think this is weak to take these rappers as an example and go on the streets and do that kind of stuff. I have been listening to rap music since the beginning of the nineties, but these rappers couldn't influence me to deal drugs or what ever. I was enjoying the rap music as a source of amusement and living the hip hop culture as a lifestyle. I did not follow any rappers with a negative message. I think rappers who do not have to contribute something positive to the hip hop culture need to shut their mouth up. Rapping remains to be the most effective element of the hip hop culture. This element can inspire the new rappers to influence the next school of rappers to be the leaders of tomorrow. Rappers can play a part of a role model to those who are looking for any direction. And for those who knows why some of the rappers are just playing a role and not writing the truth, then you can be every thing there are not, being original and creative.

I think rappers with positive massages are still the poorest ones. The masses are still ignorant, they do not want to see any good happen. They want a hear how the guns blow and further more. I think the rapping can be great to wise up the listeners or destroy the young minds. However you as the new rapper with a deal you can make a difference with your raps on the beats. I know there can be no good with out evil, but it seems like nowadays every rapper is evil or wicked.


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