Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wu-tang Clan is one of my all time favorite rap groups, why this is I can explain. This group has the most realistic rhyme styles ever. It shows a vivid picture of the streets of New York is about. From the album "Enter the 36 Chambers of Death" to the album "8 Diagram" all the songs contains nothing but the 5% universal wisdom. I think the blend of martial art, Maffia mind state and the 5% wisdom shows the youth to maintain and keep a healthy mind.

I was checking the Internet for the Wu-Tang stuff and found something called Wu-Bible.
This explains all the slang words. If you are a Wu-Tang fan just check out the Wu-Bible for supreme slang of Wu-Tang. I think this group is one of the most memorable groups in Hip Hop. I think that Ghost Face Killah and Reakwon got kind of complicated rhyme styles. I do not know why they call it the WU-Tang bible it is more like a dictionary to me. I am a Christian and using the word Bible is a Holy scroll. No one should use that word unless is truly the Bible.

Check out the newest Wu-Tang album for more raw styles and pure lyrics. I think it is great to listen to WU-Tang clan. The beats are raw and non of that synthetic beats.


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