Monday, May 26, 2008

I just checked out the song of Prodigy called 'Keep it Thoro'. This song is crazy phat. I think the beat is rather unique. This beat has a quite tight piano loop. This goes on and on like the one and two's. The best song of the H.N.I.C album. The lyrics are mad dope. He spits his clout quite tight. This song reps the Queensbridge, NY vibe to the fullest.

I just checked out the song The Bridge 2001, this track is blazing. The topnotch rappers from QueensBrige is represented on this track. From Prodigy to MC Shan. The best song for 2001, my favorite vocalist on this track got to be Tradegy Khadfi. His vocals sounds ruff on this track. The beat is not that impressive, although the drum is dope. The brass is a real old school sample. The vocals are dope. I do not know most of the times I think the first album are the dopest. I still can not seems to grow with the artists. The Mobb Deep's first album is a jewel. And the other albums are certainly not whack, but the first album was a preview of what is about to come. And the second album also contained dope songs, but there were not enough classic hip hop samples on it. It were filled with keyboard sounds. I think the first album has more AKAI MPC sounds on it.

Anyway Mobb Deep is one of the nicest rappers form New York and they became even larger after signing with G-Unit.


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