Monday, May 19, 2008

I am just begun, to run and grind for fun,
I get the job done, never talk the talk,
If I can't walk it, I spark like a laser sword,
the new hope for the future, there were none,
to teach me the craft of I strike the fake with the wrath,
like a thunder, the freestyle fan, about the drop the dope,
uncut like a pure dosage or should I say the serum,
play the back like a cerebellum, my eyes hurt from watching,
how weak rappers popping, kind of sloppy.

Do not even try to copy the thoro one son,
I come with lyrical scuds get shot like a Cannon, if you fly,
the world will witness the momentum, It doesn't matter if you are camera shy,
I stay in motion like a propeller, I use to drop poems of my dome,
to get my name known, in a plain form, slinging grammer,
check the format, dope raps, make you all clap,
so phat, and you know that, I never claimed I am all that,
dead somber, I come with tight raps, the quite hype brag and boaster,
I got enough reason to explain why rappers are laim,
and wanna claim the styles I got, the props keep a kid on the top,
no one can stop the flavor, I lace it, outcome is live and major,
the math I own got snakes slivering, flow like a wild river,


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