Thursday, May 1, 2008

I was kind of overlooking the pop culture. I was just checking out the music of Micheal Jackson. It is not the dance moves that impress me. It is the hard to get lyrics with a unique kind of accent. I think if you are true dedicated fan of Micheal Jackson you can get the lyrics what he is singing if the listeners listen to it over and over again.
I think this pop icon has inspired hell of a lot pop artists.

I think anyone who is trying to live up his standard is failing or rather say falling into a commercial shit hole. He has been inspiring the new pop generation. As a hip hop fan I would not even think about becoming another rapper who is trying to major like Micheal Jackson. I think the R&B singers are heavily inspired by Micheal Jackson. The Most new artists are straight garbage. I think the commercial influence is dominating the true essence of R&B. I am not trying to sound like my grand pa. Can you name a new R&B singer that has soul like Minnie Ripperton. I am not a Minnie Riperton Fan. I just heard of her through a song of Kanye West. What I am saying is, is the word love to be sold out by these weak artist who is trying to make a quick buck?

In the nineties there was a trend that almost every rap song in the charts had a R&b guest appearance on it. This type of moves was kind of attractive to the commercial rap artists with minor originality and those was started out from the core of the hip hop music, they were kind of forced to move along with the stream of mainstream artists. I still think it is kind of selling your soul to the devil. Those rap artists were the ones that forgot about the true purpose of the hip hop music. As far as I know the kids in the seventies were sick of hearing the same old song. Peeps like Double Trouble started to rhyme and come with new stuff. They were sick of the stuff on the radio.

I think only a few can hold the crown when it comes to rocking the charts in the pop culture. I do not know in what kind of environment this type of extraordinary talent grows. That is so far as the pop culture goes. All I know is that rap music nowadays is born form the dirt of the inner city. With dirt I mean drugs, guns and violence.
I can not say that beatles were starving in the slums of Liverpool or what ever they are from. I can say that rap music is alternative way to succeed for the inner city youth. These people are suffering a social isolation. The majority is driving these people towards to this kind of lifestyle. I mean the drugs, guns and violence. From these types of environment the talents brew up. I can not imagine that bunch of rich kids from Beverly Hills can come up with original street stuff like kids for Jackson Heights.

Anyway I think I need to go buy the whole collection of Micheal Jackson. That would not inspire me to make a pop record, but that will definitely contribute to my common knowledge of the pop culture. Don't you think the carp artist like R. Kelly is killing the fans with whack love songs. I really do not care how ghetto fabulous his image is I think he is not making any original songs. I can go on naming names but, that would not stop the record labels form signing these carp artists.


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