Saturday, May 3, 2008

I think NWA is one of the greatest rap groups ever. I was heavily influenced by the ideology behind this revolutionary way of rhyming of this rap group. I still think that there are still no other hip hop groups that was so out of the box thinking than them. Mostly I liked the idea of that anti house N****r state of mind.

I think they was making a true statement with those raps. I think being a slave is not good, but being a house slave is even worse. It is like dieing on your knees. Even Public Enemy was to subtle comparing to N.W.A. Public Enemy was kind of preaching and NWA was rapping. I think they represent the true street vibe of Los Angels. What I like about the Gangsta rap of N.W.A is the cause and the effect of this modern society. I think the minorities are not welcome in the land of the American Dream. Although there are people there for centuries they are still isolated. That is what the N.W.A is trying to saying with their rhymes.

The song F**K The Police is one of the most memorable songs of N.W.A. I think this shook up the whole world and placed fear in the heart of FBI, CIA and the other government authorities. The reason why N.W.A wrote this song is plain to see. They did not write this song to hit the charts and make a quick buck. But they did made good money and got the attention of the whole world. I think the reason is that the police brutality is real. Every member of a minority group in America is a suspect of dealing drugs or any other crime. It is a fact that the most of the people are convicted are minorities. The main reason is that these people are seeing no other outcome to make a living. When if you go out to the get a job and there are people calling you names like N****r or what ever. They expect you to bow your head. Some say that they wouldn't be racial in America and that the institution says all people are created equal. What kind of hypocrite has come up with that.

N.W.A remains great. Only for few years after they had some solo success. Dr.Dre did a good thing making Snoop Doggy Dogg a big name. I think he showed a whole different side of his the rap game by signing Marshall Mathars. Once again he chose the side of the minority by signing him, why the white people are a minority in rap music. I bought the first two albums of him and the other ones were not worth it. The beats of the first album was minimalistic, although it was produced by Dr.Dre. N.W.A made a firm foundation for the next school of rappers to build on.


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