Saturday, May 24, 2008

I was just checking out the movie Belly. It kind of liked the script. This seems to be more than reality. It is how it's going down in the projects. I think the acting is kind of whack. I liked that Jamaican Scarface figure. He is the nicest actor in this movie. And the issue about rappers acting is really whack.

I do not know why rappers wanna act. The money is the main motivation I think. There are actors who are way better than rappers can act. Rappers should be rappers and not actors. DMX and Nas can not seems to get the job done when it comes to acting. Most of the time is Nas telling a story. That seems to be all right, better than his acting. This movie remind me of a Scarface scene. When the Jamaican drug lord goes up in smoke is similar to a Scarface scene. I can not understand that Hype Williams is getting involved in this kind of scripts. I find the originality is lacking in the script. Rap music is now all about drugs, money and other vulgar stuff. While the true essence of the hip hop music dying. On the other hand hip hop music is becoming more of a reflection of the streets than having a good time. The fun part of rap music is missing nowadays.

I rather stick to Kung Fu movies from the '70 and '80 than watching movies of rappers playing a role of a gangsta. I like gangsta rap. But I do not like gangsta rappers acting in movies as a gangsta.


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