Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I am a big fan of Krs-One. Krs stands for Krishna, which is given by fellow group home members, where Krs-One was living for a while. He is one of the pioneers of the hip hop culture. Lyrically there are only few rappers, who can measure with him.
I love the versatile formats of this Bronx, New York rapper.

Krs-one released several albums they are all classic to me. It is obvious that a conscious rapper such as him self can gain mega respect from the hip hop heads, than some artist, who focus on broader audience, which is other than the hip hop crowd.

I went to a concert of Krs-One in 1995. Too bad for me it was cancelled. He didn't came, because he didn't want to fly for some reason. I thought ,I got all his records, I go home and pump it the whole day. I did it. His battle with MC Shan made him famous for his battle lyrics. My favourite Krs-one album is 'I got next'


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