Friday, November 16, 2007

Trackmasters are world wide known as the dopest production duo ever. They are known for their work with Nas. They produced the track 'Ill street blues' for Kool G Rap.
I think their work is smooth and at the same time it has very modern edge to it.
They have worked with big names in the hip hop game.

Tone and Poke make hip hop beats since the '80. I think they are not going anywhere.
My favourite Trackmasters joint is a track of LL Cool J's album, Mr.Smith. The track is called 'I sh*t ya'. The piano loop is mad dope. Trackmasters got skills and they are serving everybody with flavours, which is hotter than a pot of curry.

I think these rappers came a long way. They have too much hits to their name to mention, which Trackmasters produced. They continue to give us quality tracks. I can hear they effort in the tracks. It is not just loops put together by Tone and Poke. These loops are selected with care. They are well connected to provide the hot artists the
dopest beats to make hits for the hip hop heads.


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