Sunday, November 4, 2007

Common formerly known as Common Sense, The man who put the windy city on the map, when it came to pure hip hop. I can imagine that any kid in the nineties was into rapping, must have been influenced by this great rapper. If not, all the young cats starting out must be influenced now. Back in the days and now Common still makes real soulful hip hop music.

Since I heard the song 'I used to love her'. I found that love for hip hop music is perfectly described by Common, that all those cony artists, who sellout the four letter word love by writing, cheap verses to boost their sales, are put back on their place as artistically underdeveloped. I look at to him as rap artist, who maintains to bring the originality song after song.

I heard a freestyle of Common, when he dropped it on the album of Lyricist Lounge, this freestyle was dope. My favourite Common album is 'Resurrection'.
Common sense has started a acting career. He plays a part in the movie called 'Smokin' Aces' and also in the movie 'American Gangster'.


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