Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back again is the original man, the son of Sem,
Think you can link with my plans?, I am not with slinging grams,
I put in hard work, I get back satisfaction,
every fraction of my action is going to influence you,
ask around who keeps it true and speak the truth for
my brown skin Hebrew people, I ain't too deep to peep through,
what I speak dude, I represent the poor people of this planet,
God's guidance supplies me future vision, that is how God planned it,
It demands soul to be a scientist on the microphone,
This Asiatic child flows like the Nile, so listen up pal,
While I drop this, I get props, Who is the cream of the crop kid?

I am deeper into this hip hop thing, my rhymes flows on the drum beats,
Once a lost sheep, from a ancient tongue of gold I speak, Sanskrit
scripts I flip into modern day online chips, my physical frame saw the
light of this world in the pearl of the Indian Ocean,
The Islander brings the poetry in motion, The chosen people
from the promised land, burning like desert sand,
to reach freedom, so I have to free them,
from greed, corruption and war, my people are suffering from abduction
and more, the mental revolution will free them from confusion,
no wonder why we keep losing, the conclusion we need a solution,
while hollow minds keep following, I got to sweat to get the Dollars in,
It ain't that hard, my optimism and the lyricism got me in a position
to continue God's mission, just wake up, now.


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