Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fat Joe is without a doubt one my favourite rappers from the Bronx. He have been rapping for 14 years. The first song I ever heard of him was 'flow Joe'.
That was one of the trend setting joints. This song was so phat, you could hear the aggressive tone of Fat Joe's lyrics. He is a house hold name in the east coast hip hop scene. Fat Joe was one of the members of D.I.T.C. This stands for Diggin' In The Crates. He played a vital part in this crew. He took D.I.T.C to a major plateau along with other members such as Lord Finesse, Show Biz & A.G, Diamond D, Big L. and O.C.

Fat Joe is the C.E.O of the rap label called Terror Squad Entertainment. Fat Joe says that he is successful, because he is not egotistical. Which is crystal clear, because he brought Big Pun to the scene. Big Pun was also a Terror Squad member.
Fat Joe have worked with big names in the game such as Nas, Ja Rule, Krs-One, Jadakiss, Nelly and many more.

The first album Fat Joe dropped was Represent in 1993. The main hit song of this album is 'Flow Joe'. Fat Joe's debut album is a classic, despite of its less commercial success. The album contains guest appearances of D.I.T.C members. I think he was one of the first rappers to start a own label, his label Terror Squad Entertainment is signed with Relativity.
Fat Joe dropped his second album in 1995. It was called 'Jealous one's envy'.
In 1998 he dropped a album called 'Don Cartagena'
In 2001 he released the album called 'Jealous one's still envy'
In 2002 Fat Joe dropped a album called 'Loyalty, In 2005 Fat Joe also released a album called 'All or Nothing'. In 2006 Fat Joe came with another banger, which was called 'Me, My Self & I.


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