Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The one and only Mega Montana, you all know. One of the Q.B's finest lyricists. He maintain to entertain us constantly. He is able to get mad graphical with his lyrics.
I think he is talented. Who are we talking about here? I am talking about nobody, but Cormega.

There is no doubt he is able to describe the vibe of the inner city life as it is.
He grew up in the projects of Queens Bridge, New York. He is a childhood friend of Nas. They settled a feud, which was going on between these 2 rappers.

The albums Cormega dropped are The realness, The true meaning, Legal Hustle, The Testament, Who Am I (Soundtrack and DVD). I see his work as classics. I think he has a unique voice. Cormega got street cred. Since the late eighties he has been active in the hip hop scene.


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