Monday, November 12, 2007

The greatest female rapper that I ever heard is Foxy Brown. She have started rapping very young. She won a talent show. She got involved in the hip hop culture. The fame spread through New York city. LL Cool J approached her for a remix of the track 'I shot Ya'. This track is a classic. One of the nicest guest appearances she did was on Nas' album 'It was written'.

She delivered some great material along with Nas, AZ and Nature. They released the The Firm album on Aftermath records. This album gained a great commercial success.
It contains productions of Dr.Dre, Trackmasters and Steve Stout.

Foxy Brown released a album called Ill Na Na in 1996. This album contains some great guest appearances. The strong sales made her dominate the hip hop scene as a female rapper. I got to admit she is one of a kind with her classy flow. She is the black Madonna. She is a icon in rap. In 1999 she released a album, which was called 'Chyna Doll'. In 2001 she dropped a album called 'Broken Silence'. The last album she released was named 'Black Roses'.


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