Thursday, November 15, 2007

His name is self explanatory, GZA also know as Genius is one the members of the hip hop's super group called Wu-Tang Clan. He is one of the founders of the Wu-Tang Clan.
You hear that he is a Genius, his lyrics are profound, he doesn't need the beats from the most famous producers to make hits. He has been battling since the early stage of rap music and the hip hop culture.

You can hear through his lyrics that his lyrics are intellectual. GZA dropped his first album in 1990, which was called 'Words from the genius'. The album was produced by Easy Mo Bee. The album sales were not impressive enough for the label so Cold Chillin' records dropped GZA from it. His cousin, who we now know as RZA was also dropped from his label. This situation did not stop them from making dope music. Along with the Ol' Dirty Basterd they formed the ultimate hip hop group of all time called Wu-Tang Clan they were inspired by Kung-Fu movies.

These three rappers teamed up with some of the dope underground rappers from New York and started to make music under the name Wu-Tang Clan. In 1995 GZA dropped a album, which was called 'Liquid Swords'. This album was produced by the RZA, contains guest appearences of the fellow Wu-Tang Clan members. This album went gold. It can be labeled as a classic.In 1999 GZA dropped an album, which was called 'beneath the surface'. In 2002 GZA dropped an album, which was called 'Legend of the liquid sword'. In 2005 GZA and DJ Muggs dropped an album, which was called 'Grandmasters'. This was well received by the hip hip heads. The new GZA album will be released before end of this year.


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