Friday, November 30, 2007

Today I went to Germany. It is not more than 20 KM from where I live in Holland. I think Germany is nice. It does not matter when it comes to weather. It terrible today, rainy and dark clouds. These time of the year I have no problem with the weather although it is cold and all that. I have no problem with the weather, because the Christmas is approaching.

I went to a city in Germany to do some shopping. I bought some cake and chicken nuggets. These chicken nuggets are top notch. In Germany they got some nice clothing too. The German people are friendly and just across the border, they speak the dialect of the State I live in Holland. The dialect is called 'Drents'. Me personally think this dialect is similar to the southern US accent. But Drents is of course a dialect, which is part the Dutch language.

It is great that German people just across the border speak the dialect. If you go to a bank you can find a poster on the door saying 'We proat ock platt'. Which means 'We also speak dialect'. I think this way a better understanding can be generated between both nations.


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