Saturday, November 24, 2007

Back again, Blend words with the pen,
ink something dope so, you can link again,
Nothing complex, my text are nothing your brain,
can not get, I do not sweat, my challenge is to,
stay ahead the rest, I am so blessed with more than,
one talent, do not test, the kid might flip,
I will pull out pens and leave your crew tight lipped,
Constantly equipped,the average skip the heart beat,
One of kind, you could not find another one like this Asiatic child,
Breathing with a heart of the iron lion of Juda,
the original man, the maker and the owner,
controlling every corner of my soul,

The Asiatic child, the brown skin ruler, the children schooler,
A big dreamer like Dr. Martin Luther King, more shine than Jacob the Jeweler,
Use knowledge as a tool, keep it cooler than the breeze,
in the tropics, kid is out get props kid, nod to my hits,
more underground than bottomless pit, I pitch heat,
with lyrics it would not hurt you, the brown skin Hebrew
the Abyssinian, peace to my people, nothing I wouldn't do to lead you,
Yes indeed, for all the people in need for the truth,
I present what I have been invented, I can not wait till I am in the booth,
I get inspired by the fact, that I can take you higher,
Like Kanye I spit through the wire,


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