Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I think this rapper called Method Man is the most rugged Wu-Tang member. Method Man's flow is real nice. He is known to rock a party. Method Man and Red Man was the hype around 2000, when they released the album called 'Blackout'. This album contains some dope beats. I think Method Man and Red Man make a great duo. They really show us through their rhymes that it is all about having fun. I really enjoy the album 'Blackout'. This album was recorded when Method Man, Red Man, Jay-Z and DMX was doing the 'Hard knock life tour'. This album also contains previously recorded tracks of the duo.

Before that Method Man released his debut album, which was called 'Tical'. This album gained much success, not only in the U.S, but all over the globe. This album was released on the most famous hip hop label called Def Jam. Method Man was one of the first class artists, who made into this major hip hop label.

Method Man dropped his second album in 1998, which was called Tical 2000: Judgement Day. This album contains guest appearances of Mobb Deep, Left Eye, D'Angelo and Chris Rock. He also got some support from his fellow Wu-Tang Clan members. This album was even more successful than the first one. This album was well received by the underground hip hop fans. In 2004 Method Man dropped the album, which was called 'Tical 0: the prequel. This album was certified gold. This album could not go platinum. This album is more of party rap album with guest appearances of mainstream artists. Method Man's fourth album was 4:21: The Day After. This album was also certified gold and was not commercially successful.


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