Tuesday, November 13, 2007

There are lots of rappers I respect, because they are pioneers. No one can come close to Rakim, when it comes to dropping raps. I heard a lot of rappers bragging about their millions, but these rappers could not gain 5% of the respect, which Rakim deserves. Rakim changed the hip hop music for good. He has been able to give light to a league of rappers. These rappers continue to build based on the ideas, blueprints and theories of Rakim.

Rakim is part of 5% Nation also known as Nation of gods and the earths. His believes reflect in his rhymes. This way he can lead the masses. I think he is still one of the most original rappers ever. He is great with words. He is a true word smith.
I can not imagine, why rappers are so cheesy nowadays. With pioneers like Rakim the young rappers should be highly inspired to be original.

There are only a few rappers acknowledging that Rakim is the greatest of all time. Nas wrote a tribute this incredible rhyme flower. Also Reakwon dedicated a song to Rakim. 50 Cent mention Rakim as his favourite rapper in a song. Rakim has much to offer. He will continue to lead the dumb, deaf and blind rappers, who need to see the light.


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