Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This young rapper called Jr Writer is a mad talented cat. He is one of the members of the the famous Harlem hip hop crew Diplomatics. Jr Writers is born as Juan Rusty Brito. He grew up listening to rappers like Big Pun and Big L. As a young rapper he was involved in the hip hop scene in New York. He used to spit on every open mic session in Harlem.

At one of the battles. He met Cam'ron and Santana. Cam'ron was impressed by the skills of Jr. Writer. I think anybody would be. If you hear, when JR Writer spits it is on point and furious. JR Writer is not a joke. If all you jokers think that a humble kid can not spit. He is the living proof.

Once Cam'ron met JR Writer, Cam'ron promised that he would contact JR Writer after Cam'ron got a deal. Cam'ron got signed to Rocafella. Santana was unsigned at that time. After a month the Diplomats blew Cam'ron contacted JR Writer. In 2006 he dropped the album 'History in the Making'. In early 2008 will the new album come out.
Check out JR Writers Jrwriteronline.com


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